Agent Terms

• Register and fill in all required information transparently and accurately on our official website

• After receiving your registration information, Tebi team will review those information and submit it accordingly.

• Once approved, you will receive an email notification with the login code to access the Tebi website.

• Before using and experiencing the website, please confirm that you have read and strictly followed the policies and regulations from Tebi.

• We’re done! Sell your stock and let's start making money!

• Exclusive access to Oh Polly products

• Realtime access to new collection and all products provided by Tebi

• Free express delivery on all orders

• Buy favorite products in limited quantity as an Agent for Tebi

Based on the Total monthly sales (Total sales = Total items x Total prices at the specified time), the Agent will receive the percentage of cashback as follows:

• Total sales from 6,000,000 VND < 50,000,000 VND, the Agent will receive 10% cashback on purchases.

• Total sales from 50,000,000 VND < 100,000,000 VND, the Agent will receive 15% cashback on purchases.

• Total sales from 100,000,000 VND < 200,000,000 VND, the Agent will receive 20% cashback on purchases.

• From 200,000,000 VND or above, the Agent will receive 25% cashback on purchases.

In addition, Agent can also look up the detailed information about the total sales and cashback through the “Agents Sale Summary” which is updated monthly via email.

• Payments shall be made to the Agent on the 1st of every month for the previous month directly into Agent bank accounts.

• For transparency, we will send you a detailed statement for easy verification and tracking.